With spacious and vibrant learning areas surrounded by nature, The Horizon School is situated on a sprawling 15-acre campus. The campus provides opportunities for various sports, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Trekking, nature walks, outdoor learning time and other such activities also make learning an exciting thing at Horizon.

Our CEO & Headmistress

Mr. K. E. Harish

The overarching purpose of education must be to assist human unfolding: physically, emotionally and intellectually. School serves not the business, political or professional agenda, but rather the child and young adult as he or she unfolds those capacities that make him.. .

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Mrs. Lopamudra Dey

While education plays a crucial role in molding a child’s perspective of the world, it is learning that helps them discover themselves, unleash the potential within and strive for excellence. This happens in small steps and with varied time span

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