iDiscoveri XSEED

iDiscoveri XSEED is a comprehensive program for primary schools that builds a strong foundation of concepts. The curriculum development team consists of former teachers of some of the leading schools in the country as well as alumni of Harvard, Cambridge and Indian Institute of Managment.

A Practical Approach

As part of the XSEED program, the iDiscoveri team trains teachers and the school leaders on innovative teaching methods by providing them with practical tools and research-based materials for each topic.The application oriented student workbooks and reading material for children further complement this training.

Relevance of XSEED

The coverage of topics in the XSEED program meets the requirements of major national boards(CBSE and ICSE), international boards(IB and IGCSE) and various state and matriculation boards. XSEED is not an additional program or syllabus that needs to be implemented beyond class hours. It is a way of teaching that blends with the DAY to DAY teaching as part of the academic plan of the school.


iDiscoveri’s pilot research indicates that XSEED delivers significantly higher learning and understanding in children versus regular teaching. The performance is better both on recall and higher order application questions.