Our Faculties

Ms. Radha K T
Programme Leader

A Post Graduate with a B.Ed, she has been with The Horizon School since its inception. She has been the programme leader for more than 5 years and her commitment and dedication to the children and the school is exemplary.

Ms. Sheena K G
Programme Leader, UKG

Graduate in B.Com with a B.Ed, a PPTTC and also a certification in Computers and has been with the school since five years. A teacher, who is dedicated and driven with a passion to nurture each children to make a his or her mark in society.

Ms. Sujitha P

Graduate in Science with a B. Ed., she has been in Horizon for the past four years, teaching is her second name and the children are her passion..

Ms. Sreeja K V

A Graduate in Zoology with a B.Ed, she has worked abroad for almost ten years. Her overseas exposure has enabled her to carry her duties to almost perfection, teaching children varied methods to understand concepts and make learning fun. She has been with the school for almost four years.

Ms. Bindu.K

Graduate in English with a PPTTC, has been with the school for 4 years and is driven with a passion to make a change in every child’s life.

Mr. Shaju K
Karate Instructor

A well-trained Karate Instructor, believes in discipline and perfection. A Black Belt to his credit with many years of experience in the Gulf as the Chief Instructor and Technical Director, he has earned the name’SHIHAN’-a title received in recognition of completing 25 years in Karate. He has been with Horizon for almost 5 years.

Ms. Sarija K
Special Educator

A Post Graduate in Microbiology and a certified PGD in Management of Learning Disability, she works with a commitment to evolve every child who comes under her care.She has been with the school for about three years.

Ms. Sumayya K C

Post Graduate in English with a B. Ed.,she has been in Horizon for the past two years, is a committed and a dedicated teacher.

Ms. Farhana Muhammed Ali
Social Studies

Graduate in Sociology, pursuing her Post Graduation and BEd., she has been a teacher in Saudi Arabia for more than two years. A perfectionist, sincere in her efforts and an inspiration to many.

Ms. Subeena K

A double Graduate-Hindi and Economics and a B.Ed to her credit, is a teacher who holds value for time. She imparts her skills and her teaching in the best way possible. She has been with the school since last year.

Ms. Sudha M T
Food and Nutrition

Post Graduate in Food and Nutrition with a B Ed., she has been with Horizon since 2015, striving hard to build the dreams of young children.

Mr. Sunil Kumar P

Music is his second name, has been with Horizon since last year. He is a Trinity College of Music certified music teacher, having the expertise in knowing how to play five different instruments. He is well known in the music circle of Kozhikode and is a true inspiration to all.

Ms. Sincy E S

Being in the school for a year and she holds B.Ed. She is a very hardworking teacher making sincere efforts to learn.

Ms. Anitta Jo

Graduate in Zoology, a Rank Holder, is associated with The Horizon School for a year and is a energetic and very enthusiastic teacher.

Ms. Sherin K Baby
IT and Coordinator

An MCA to her credit, who gives her 100% to her work, is loyal, and dedicated to her job. She has been at Horizon since the last academic year and handles both teaching IT as well as the role of an IT coordinator.

Ms. Raheesa Farhana

A Post Graduate in Economics with a B.ED, has joined the school this year with the determination to make a difference and to make children love coming to school.

Ms. Sreekala N S
Swimming Instructor

A trained and certified swimming instructor, she has been here at Horizon since last year. Her experience and her dedication reflect on her skills to make a child learn the nuances of being a good swimmer.

Ms. Deepthi.I.P
Social Studies

Graduate in Economics,with a B.Ed, her teaching experience of 11 years is reflected in the manner she teaches and in her persona.

Ms. Sini K T

Graduate with a B.Ed., has joined The Horizon School this year and is a dedicated and devoted teacher

Ms. Reshna S

A Post Graduate in Science with a B.Ed, she is a dedicated teacher and is here at Horizon for the past five and half years. She is a devoted teacher.

Ms. Jayasree G

A Post Graduate in English with a B.Ed., , she is hardworking, passionate about her work and committed. She has been with Horizon for more than two years.

Ms. Nisha P

She is a Post Graduate in Malayalam and a B.Ed., has joined Horizon this year. A committed and devoted teacher.

Ms. Surabhila T R
Computer Science

Post Graduate in Computer Science with a B.Ed., she has overseas teaching experience, working in Maldives for two years and recently joined The Horizon School. She is a dedicated teacher.